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- What Waterproof/outdoor jacket is best?
i have a lot of coats but none looking for a light jackets that is waterproof,breathable for going to work when raining. i had an £80 Northface jacket which was perfect and so expensive until my a£$% hole brother stole it and sold it. so which jacket be best where can easily store in my bag to, either Northface,Karrimor,Berghous,Peter Storm,Timberland and Lowe Alpine???? also bit tight on the money side and dont want a £5 jacket from ebay and want something to last. thanks.

A North Face started well but now it's an overpriced fashion brand, epecially for the school backpacks the kids like. Their early stuff was good but the price has gone up while the quality has gone down, taking advantage of their new fashion status amongst schoolkids. You can do a lot better these days with other brands. You mentioned some good ones. Some are not fashionably top gear but they are in fact just as good as the 'in' names. Peter Storm make some very good jackets. I use one on the wild wet windy hills of the Isle of Man where I live and for treks in the Highlands and the Cuillin, the Lakes and Peak District, and it's done me well. I also have a few other jackets, mostly bought at bargain prices from Millets, like the Lowe Alpine long jacket that gets used mostly for fishing on the boat or off the rocks where the extra length is useful over the Peter Storm waterproof trousers to keep warm and dry. It was £40 reduced from £75...snapped it up quick. Keep looking in. They have loads of sales and special offers and it's better buying a jacket for £40-50 there than the same one in a shop like Blacks for twice that. Berghaus is reliable too. A lot of alpine climbers use Berghaus jackets and packs. I'm a life member of the Austrian Alpine Club and go off on trips there quite often. My two daughters took some of their first faltering steps on alpine rock. We carried them on child carriers worn at the front while the rucksacks balanced the weight at the back. Most folks here have half a dozen or more jackets and anoraks. It can take a while to dry them out,haha. It gets rough here. Sometimes it's difficult to stand up in the howling wind. The sea foam goes a mile inshore on a bad day. The sky is full of big foamy blobs of it. This isn't the fishing boat. It's a guy kayaking off Kitterland in the south of the island . . . . Two miles from home....yahhaayyy!!! . . . . . . . . . . A good arrangement is to wear a good quality thick fleece jacket with a lightweight breathable waterproof jacket outside. Berghaus do some very good fleeces for that, windproof and good for alpine stuff and the cold British hills in winter. You can make it completely waterproof by using Nikwax TX-direct or the old TX-10. My best sleeping bag is treated with that. It floats with me in it. You can waterproof your coats with it too. £7 a can but it will do half a dozen coats and trousers or fleeces. For a lightweight shell jacket to go over the fleece, Peter Storm, Berghaus, Karrimor, Craghopper, all do good stuff. What matters is the fit, not the name. Get a big one with a Goretex or similar breathable lining big enough to be a loose fit over the fleece jacket. It keeps you warm that way, has plenty of space to move in, and still folds small in the rucksack. It's a more versatile arrangement than having a thick jacket. And it will keep the spray and sea foam off you in a high wind by the sea. We don't get sea foam this bad though....hehehe,what a piccie . . . . . Have fun.
- Could someone please explain the difference between a life jacket and a buoyancy aid?

A A life jacket can be of two types, already inflated (foam) or self inflating, either way it will fully support your weight and will turn you the right way up (onto your back, face up), even if you get knocked unconscious as you fall into the water. A buoyancy aid is only going to assist you in keeping afloat by adding some flotation, but if you are unconscious it will not flip you the right way up., nor usually will it support an unconscious person. By the way, the life jacket will only work if you are wearing it correctly and it is the correct size, I see many people, especially kids, wearing jackets that are way too large for them, if they fell in they would most likely fall out of the jacket and its usefulness would be limited. The ready inflated ones tend to be cumbersome and awkward to wear, I suggest you go for the type that uses a CO2 bottle to automatically inflate the jacket when you fall in the water, the system uses a salt tablet which dissolves and lets off the gas. Also get one with a strap that runs from the back of the neck to the waist strap, and if possible get one that has a crotch strap too.

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